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Jangle: Java SNMP GUI

2 March 2009: version 0.02. Download

Jangle provides a prototype of a simple graphical snmp browser.

It is based on (as in a simple cut-and-paste job) some code from JKstat and leverages Jonathan Sevy's Java SNMP Package for basic SNMP support and Mibble for MIB parsing, and JFreeChart for the graphical charts.

(Note: I'm using Mibble 2.3, which has the GPL Library Exception. It's good enough, and allows me to continue on with this project without licensing headaches. I haven't gone far enough to be sure that I'm going to finish this project, or whether I'll use the above components, so picking a version that forced me into relicensing didn't seem convincing at this stage.)

The idea was to produce graphical charts just like I can in JKstat. I had a look around for existing utilities to do this, but none seemed complete.

Hence what I've produced so far. At the moment it's a simple exploratory tool: what's possible in this space?

Just a simple screeshot:

As you can see, the list is currently just the OID. The About tab gives you details of the relevant MIB entry.

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